Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remember this? #2

Mikołaj Jaskółka
MBrother AKA Mikołaj Jaskółka (wut?) is a Polish music producer with one big hit in 2005 called 'Trebles, trebles'. It's hard to find any more info so I can't tell anything more about him. Just check out the track and enjoy the pumping bass.

Mbrother - Trebles, trebles [192 kbps]


  1. you're right, its a smashing track.
    lol the volume on my speakers is automagically going up :D

  2. WOah! your brother really?????

  3. Damn, I don't really like song with such a huge bass but since I just bought myself a new godam audio system, this might be the kind of stuff I'll be listening to all week! You should truly looks foward to make a post about your top10(50-100) favortire techno/trance songs so we might get more in the mood while following your posts! Maybe something like this :

  4. Took me some time to realize how to listen to the track :D Pretty nice track, not really my type of music, but I like it!