Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fedde Le Grand & Patric La Funk - Autosave

Progressive house at it's finest, or as Tiesto would call it 'Trouse'.
Big blogs say 'it is one of the sexiest, mildly dirty synths you’ve heard in quite some time'. Honestly I think that it is a damn good track, but it is TO mild. I don't see people going crazy on the dance floor when they hear this. It sure isn't a bad track, but I think it fits better on your iPod then in a big club.

Fedde Le Grand & Patric La Funk - Autosave (original mix) [320 kbps]


  1. de making-of is ook wel tof om te zien (staat op youtube)

  2. i love the style of ur blog, its very colorfull.

    Poetry <3

  3. I usually can't stand electronic music, but that wasn't too bad. cool.

  4. nothing like a little groove to start the day... great pick man... you got chops